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Friday, 6 July 2018


What type of computer should i buy? I beleive this is a question you should ask yourself before going for any computer but many people fall victims of not taking normal action before going for a computer but later end up buying the wrong one which doesn’t fit their liking and probably useless as the first later in the word physco *lol*

But in this particular post, i will discussing with you :
  • How to know the type of computer to buy.
  • How to know the brand of computer to buy.
  • How to know the model of computer to buy.
Yeah! here we go, to know the above question i.e what type, brand and model of computer to buy/purchase, you need to consider the bellow factors ;
To start with, firstly ask yourself these silly (but not) questions, What Type of person Am I ? What did i want to use the computer for ? And What is your Profession ?, is advisable to know your type before going for any type of computer ,are you the type who love graphics, a photographer or hi-tech gamer, then you are advice to go for computer of high graphics Or if otherwise, go for the one that suit what you want to use it for and the one that gives a full support and remove all other type of computer which are not relevant from the list.
Then Are you a Mobile One ? who travels a lot or go to office or even on a business trips always, then a mobile computer is your portion,the one that it will be portable and convenient to carry around, going for a desktop computer with this type of situation is like wasting your money considering your access to the computer at a convenient time. Or are you the type that have computer at home and office, then you can go for desktop since you will be using it both at home AND office where you stay most because buying laptop in this condition is wasting of money considering the price of a laptop despite a desktop is what you need in this type of situation.
I believe by now, You suppose to have know the type of computer that fits you…. right ? Now let move on to the brand and models.
Selecting a brand of computer to buy out of many brands of computer we have, is good to consider the company before choosing one, as we all know that there are many top sellers company of computer like Apple, Hp, Dell, Sony, Samsung, Acer, Lenovo and other brand which are very good, though price also determine which one to buy but that is your choice, you should have in mind that all company are better in one type of computer than others being desktop or laptop.
Picking a Computer Model, once you have in  mind a good brand of computer to buy, is now time to determine what model of computer brand to go for, there are many variety of computer models which varies in processor speed, Install memory (RAM),  screen size, Battery Life and other factors. Choice is now yours ! choose wisely according to your pocket but try and consider what type of work you want to use your computer for, imagine you want to use your computer for a business purpose and because of money issue you now go for a low memory or low processor computer, is of no need to tell you that you have already ruined your business. Or are you are a person like me who love playing Game on computer ( e.g PES 2013) , If yes, to be sincere you have to go for a good computer model which have at least processor of 2.1Ghz and RAM of at least 2Gb and also Have it in mind that going for the latest and good model of computer is good in term of business or official use.Hey ! Are you planning to go for a computer ? Pls Choose wisely and consider the discussed factor. And try to discuss the benefits and concerns with people you know because there may be someone near you who has purchased one or more computers of your choice you are willing to buy but pls don’t make up your mind,rely or trust on what you heard. GOOD LUCK !
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