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  • Are you in need of a responsive website for personal use or for your business use? then site123.com is for you. With this website builder, you can build professional and responsive website in a short period of time even with no prior coding or design experience. How is this possible? Chill, you are about to find out.
    Irrespective of your business area, an online presence is very vital for your business, having a website is something you can’t joke with, at least if you take your business serious and you want to see it grow and succeed. But then not just anyhow website because it tells a lot about your business, it gives the first impression of your business. Reason you need a well designed, responsive and attractive website.
    Having a good website might seems to be a very difficult task especially when you have no experience in coding and design before, and you don’t have the budget to hire a professional website designer or website developer, this is where website builder comes in.
    We have various website builder out there you can use, but today am going to put you through a simple and user friendly website builder to get your job done quicker and easier.
    Site123 is a simple site builder with user friendly interface and lot of great tools to make a responsive websites that looks great on devices of all sizes including mobile phone, tablets, laptops and desktops.

    How to Build Website with Site123

    Like I said earlier, you don’t have to be a professional designer or programmer to get this done. Just follow the simple step below and you are good to go.
    Firstly go to site123 Website Builder, here is how the homepage look like
    site123.com website builder review
    Now, as a first time user, you have to sign up by clicking on “Star Here” button, then fill in your name, email address and password to create your account. Or sign up with your facebook account or google plus account.
    If you have an account already, simply login by clicking on “Login” button and enter your login details.
    Then, you will be redirected to the main page, something like this
    Now, choose a category that suits your requirement from the display popular category or select from the category drop down menu at the top. There are lot of categories including business, event, blog, technology, design, online store, photography, Education & Community and others. You jut have to select the one that goes with the type of website you want to build.
    After selecting a category, you have to fill in these details; Website name, Website slogan(this is the tagline), and contact details. Then click on “Start building your website” button, this is will take you to the template preview.
    Like this
    Here is where you edit to your website to your taste, the options to get this done are at the left side of the page; Homepage, Pages, Design, Settings, Layout.
    Now lets explain these one after the other.


    In this tab, you can edit your website name, upload your website logo, create website title and slogan. The Homepage Goal options is an interesting option where you can choose between Default, Read More button, Read More & Redirect buttons, Redirect button, 2 Redirect buttons, YouTube/Vimeo video (embedded), YouTube/Vimeo video (pop­up window), No text or buttons.
    Now click on the sub tab at the bottom “DESIGN” here you can change your website background, you can choose a background color or upload background image, the choice is yours!


    As the name of the tab implies, you can add pages of different categories(Test, Music, Phot Gallery and the likes) to your website here, edit their seo title and meta description and also you can delete pages from your website.


    In this tab, you will be able to edit the Layouts, Styles, Fonts, Menu Options, Footer Layouts, and Favicon & Social Images.
    Under the “LAYOUT”, you can choose where each part of the website will be displayed, whether in the menu on the top, on the sides, and the likes.
    Under the “STYLES” here is where you will get to select your website basic colors. Make sure you chosse this properly, color says a lot about your website.
    Under the “MENU OPTIONS” you can add search bar, your phone number and social media icons on the menu.
    In the “FAVICON & SOCIAL IMAGES” sub-tab is where you can upload your website favicon and other social images.


    In the settings tab, you can select your website type whether a single page type or multipage type. Another options you can edit here include SEO, this is a very vital settings you must edit properly for your website to have a goods earch engine ranking.
    Other options you can edit are; Terms and privacy, Languages and Country, and Plugins.
    Now you are done with the design, you now have to register it and get a domain name for it. The good news is Site123 offers free website hosting and domain name.

    Site123 Awesome Features

    Templates and Designs

    Site123 has variety of category where you can choose what fit your requirement from, each category involves up to 10 high quality themes. You can modify this themes to your taste and give it any color you desire. You can as well make your website a one page or multi-page.

    Customer Support

    When it comes to customer support, you are covered, as the live chat with customer support team is available 24/7. Description of features and well detailed video tutorial on how to work your way around the builder are readily available.


    If you intended to sell a product or service where you will need to receive money from the buyers, then you need an eCommerce enabled website. Site123 allows you to add e-commerce to your website and link your PayPal account. The security and other development are being handled which leaves you with no worry.

    SEO Tools

    SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is a very important aspect of a website, a website without any search engine presence is just like a shop with no customer, useless you will say. Website must be well optimize for seo to gain search engine. Site123.com has already taken care of the basic seo including the Robots.txt file, Sitemaps and others, this leaves you with less work to do.
    Other Features include;
    • Simple and ease to use
    • No coding and web design skills required
    • Responsive web designing, and high tech tools SEO tools
    • 5GB bandwidth with a 10GB storage
    • Content management and free images library
    • Free hosting and affordable domain name
    • Dynamic layouts and template designs
    • Huge list of Google fonts to choose from
    • Ability to Add images, audio and video content
    • Ability to create many websites using one plan and account only
    • The popular one page interface
    • Smart e-commerce and blogging solutions
    • Easy linking to social accounts
    • Flexible and optimum utilization of web traffic
    • Ability to create unlimited web pages
    • Innovative newsletter package for practical email marketing
    • Effective communication with the audience via mail box service
    • inSite widgets for engaging and easy interaction
    • Excellent team of responsive and helpful technicians for customer support.

    Site123 Plan and Price

    • Free Plan: This plan offers 500MB of disk space, 1GB of bandwidth and an opportunity to accept 10 product orders per month on e-commerce features. Unfortunately, there will be a floating “Powered by SITE123” tag on your website. This can only be removed when you opt in for the professional plan.
    • Professional Plan: This plan goes for $9.8 and offers 10GB of disk storage space, 5GB of bandwidth, 5 mailboxes and up to 500 products for sale per month. There is also Domain connection for the plan, ability to manage web form messages via your email. And most importantly, the annoying  floating “Powered by SITE123” tag will be removed.
    With the price, I think it is such a nice plan.
    What do you think about Site123 website builder? Have you try this builder? I would be happy to hear from you via the comment box below.

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