About Us

we're an unbiased news agency targeted on serving the nigerian target audience and the sector at massive with verified and undiluted news reviews.

complete journalism
generating content of the highest first-class is the idea for winning the believe of our customers and the public at huge. each person at priestytech – the enterprise as well as every man or woman – guard the practice and promoting of the ideas of journalistic integrity.

at priestytech we do no longer intention to sway our readers and public closer to any precise point of view however as an alternative that they apprehend the statistics, and for this reason be capable of come to their own conclusions. consequently, priestytech pursuits to offer the entire story, after gaining knowledge of about it as exceptional as we can, and then give an explanation for it in a complete and unvarnished way.

we're non-partisan at priestytech we determine independently which subjects we cowl. we always goal to transmit the overall tale without any have an effect on from monetary or advertiser’s interests.

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